Wireless Adapter for Android Auto

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Wireless Adapter for Android Auto

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A long term review of the CARLIMEKI Android Auto Wireless Adapter.

My 2023 Ford Maverick with Sync 3 does an odd thing, it doesn't allow me to sync Android Auto from my Google Pixel 6 to my vehicle wirelessly. Instead, I have to connect my phone using a USB cable from my phone to the console. There are times, especially during short trips, I prefer to keep my phone in my pocket and not mess with the hassle of cables. Luckily, the third-party market has responded and offers us wireless car adapters to allow me to connect to my phone wirelessly.

For over a year now, I've been using the CARLIMEKI Android Auto Wireless Adapter which I was offered to review. I'm impressed just how good, small, and lightweight this wireless adapter actually is but the truth is there are a lot of these low-cost CarPlay and Android Auto wireless adapters. So while I'm focused on my experience with this care adapter by CARLIMEKI, I encourage everyone to do their homework and find the one that is right for them. The comments in Amazon reviews show user experience varies quite a bit for these low-cost products. I suspect success in setting up these products depend on how well one knows their phone just as much on how well the product itself works.

What I like about the CARLIMEKI adapter is there should be no reason one can't tuck this adapter out of the way and out of sight. This adapter worked in my wife's 2019 Mercedes and my Pixel 6 phone just fine and I could access the various Android Auto apps just fine. I also had the same experience with my 2023 Ford Maverick pickup. The USB cables are rather short but this is intentional in that the whole point of this adapter is so you don't have a nest of cables laying near the dashboard. I was very pleased to see two USB cables, one for Type-A (larger conenction) and Type-C (smaller connection). Connectivity seemed to improve when I cleared the previous bluetooth connections with the vehicle itself and "started over" with connecting to the wireless adapter.

These wireless devices aren't perfect and user impressions will also depend on expectations. The CARLIMEKI is no exception and initial setup and use will bring the occasional connection issue where you're trying to figure out if the issue with with your phone, this wireless adapter, or the car itself. One thing that did rub me the wrong way with this product has nothing to do with the device, but the provided instructions found on both the Amazon product page as well as the documentation on paper. The instructions read: "If this Carlimeki wireless adapter works out of the Box. DO NOT UPDATE.". This is confusing because while the adapter works just fine, I wonder whether it can work even better with a firmware update. It's not a good feeling when the company doesn't have confidence in it's own firmware update process.

Luckily for the past year since I've owned my 2023 Ford Maverick, I have had no issues with this adapter. There has been no need to do a firmware update. In a world where car manufactures charge quite a bit with added features and accessories, I'm glad I could change out my wires for Android Auto with a wireless adapter for under $100.

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