The Top Tech Items to Get Your Employees

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The Top Tech Items to Get Your Employees

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Technology increases at such a rapid rate that it’s difficult to stay on top of new devices and changes in the industry. However, there are some tech gadgets that benefit your employees and help improve the way you run your business. 

Why Should I Give My Employees Tech Gifts?

In a recent McKinsey & Company survey, around 40% of employees indicated they may leave their current positions within six months. Your churn rate can impact everything from your business’ growth to how many clients remain loyal to you. Your company culture is also impacted every time a new person gets added to the mix, so keeping your current staff is smart business.

What if you could give employees what they want by enabling them with tech gadgets? Not only will they feel more appreciated but you can use tech to give them other things they desire, such as work from home positions. Here are some of the top gifts and why they make an impact on your employees and your business. 

1. Earbuds

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly gift, bluetooth earbuds are an excellent option. Your employees can listen to a podcast, watch a training video or tune into their favorite music for a boost in productivity. 

Earbuds are almost always appreciated as a tech gift. Not only are they useful for personal reasons, but you can encourage your staff to use them at work to create a sort of quiet bubble where they can focus on the task at hand. 

2. Smartphones

At first look, equipping your staff with iPhones might seem like a huge expense. However, if you plan to let them work remotely, the ease of tapping on an app and checking work emails and so on is well worth the expense.

For companies with field technicians, a smart device is a must. Look for service providers with an iPhone buyback program. If you sell your phone online, you might get 20% of its original value but a buyback program may give you double that rate. 

3. Item Finder

Gift them with item finder technology, such as the Tile Mate or Apple AirTag. They can put the small sensor on a laptop back, a keychain or anything else and track it when it comes up missing. If you have employees who run perpetually late because they can’t find their keys, this is a gift they’ll appreciate that also doesn’t cost a fortune.

It is a fun thing for them to use and it benefits you because they won’t be late to work or a meeting with a client due to lost car keys. 

4. Light Therapy

The right lighting plays a role in productivity and mood. You can gift them with smart bulbs that adjust the light in different situations or install light therapy devices at everyone's workstations. If most of your staff works from home, send the devices or bulbs to where they spend most of their working hours. 

The light therapy benefits them by boosting their mood. It also benefits the company because a happy worker is more productive and less stressed. 

5. Solar Power Bank

Do your employees sometimes work out in the field and not have access to a charging station? While it is a rare situation to not have at least a plug, you never know when your mobile devices might run low. A solar power bank gives your staff the means to charge up a phone or other device and stay connected. 

Big Tech Gifts

How big should you go with your gift giving? If your employees would be well-served to have a dedicated computer for remote work, send them one or give them an allowance. If they use a phone to access customer files or stay in touch, don’t hesitate to pay for a smartphone or give them a budget. 

What you spend today is an investment in your staff as people and toward making your company more tech savvy.