A Sioux Falls Spyder Ride in December 2021

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A Sioux Falls Spyder Ride in December 2021

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As some of you already know, I ride a Can-Am Spyder which is a motorcycle that is a inverse trike (two wheels in front, one wheel in back). Unfortunately, I live in South Dakota where the climate around here isn't too favorable for riding from November through March. By this time of year it's not too uncommon to see snow on the roads or temperatures well below freezing.

The normal high temperature for Sioux Falls this time of year is 37 deg F. But yesterday was a different story as afternoon temperatures on December 1, 2021 reached to a high of 61 deg F. I took advantage of these warmer temperatures by riding my Spyder at the end of my workday through downtown Sioux Falls and Falls Park as sunset approached.

A few of Sioux Falls Park just after sunset. Photo by Bryan Ruby. Copyright 2021.

What's great about Falls Park this time of year is that it becomes a Winter Wonderland. With the park lit up by thousands of lights this year's event is the 18th Annual Winter Wonderland. The City of Sioux Falls reports that for the holiday season the park contains one mile of garland, 40 wreaths, 240 decorated trees, 215 decorated light poles, and over 23 miles of light strings.

Picture of Falls Park and the Big Sioux after sunset

While a better view of the Christmas lights can be seen later in the evening when it's darker, I thought it was pretty neat to be able to take advantage of the "at sunset" lighting allowing my the camera on my phone to witness both landscape and lights in the same image. I would have stayed longer for the darker skies but wanted to complete my ride before temperatures dropped quickly back down in the 30's and 40's. Next time I visit the park and Winter Wonderland, I plan to bring the truck, the wife, the kid, the dog, and a cup of hot chocolate.

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