LED Panel Lights In My Garage

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LED Panel Lights In My Garage

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The other day I witnessed a children's story time that showed a picture of an incandescent light bulb symbolizing an idea. At that moment I thought to myself, pretty soon these kids will have no idea what a traditional light bulb looks like as they get replaced with more modern lights. Take for instance my own garage where I recently replaced the last of my light bulbs with LED Garage Ceiling lights that aren't bulbs but now LED lights composed of 6 adjustable LED panels. So it goes, time has moved on in my own house.

If you need more light in your garage, this is a no brainer to start adding LED panel lights to illuminate the space. The particular pair of LED lights I ordered from Amazon replaced my current 100 Watt incandescent light bulbs bringing the equivalent light of a 250 Watt light bulbs into the room. The LED the manufacturer claims an 85% energy savings so in other words for that equivalent of a 250 Watt incandescent output...you're really only consuming the equivalent energy of a 40 Watt light bulb.

Because the lights I purchased are adjustable and rotatable, I was able to shine light in my garage that were "blind spots" for a regular light bulb. For instance, I was able to better direct light past a Kayak hanging from my ceiling. Also, I was able to direct light better to my workbench area and no longer have a desire to put an overhanging workbench light. There are definitely places in my garage getting really good light for the first time that I no longer need a flash light at night to see better.

LED Light in my garage.
Light in room much brighter than image shows.

There are of course different type of LED lights in 2023, but I still find the easiest way of getting there is when you can just screw the LED lights into the the ceiling just like the old light bulbs do. I will confess though that these newer panel lights are a little heavier and slightly more awkward to screw into the socket due to their design. It briefly took two hands to make sure I didn't drop the ceiling light on the floor (or on my face looking up) while installing the lights. I expect these LED lights to last for a very long time that I think with a little luck my days of climbing a ladder in the garage to replace a bulb are over.

I highly recommend these LED lights and similar products over traditional shaped bulbs for the garage or unfinished basement.

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